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Chocolate treats

Some of the earliest articles I had published were about entering consumer competitions. Some were advice pieces whilst others were about specific wins or types of prize. A number of these prizes have been for “a year of…” a product … Continue reading

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Preparing for Christmas -2016

I wonder how often your hobbies and interests actually throw up research for your stories and articles. I enjoy entering consumer competitions. Many of these are now run through blogs or on Facebook or Twitter. To help select the winner(s) … Continue reading

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I’m playing all the right notes…”

Making a simple photo album was the craft selected for our group this month. The card and cover papers had been cut to size by our helpful guide and we were using A5 sketch books to provide the cartridge paper … Continue reading

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I’ve received a couple of windfalls in the past week. No, not a win on the lottery but windfalls in their original form, windfall fruits. A friend whose house was built in a former orchard has a glut of apples. … Continue reading

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The Missing Piece

For some time I have been meaning to take some old family jigsaw puzzles to a charity shop but decided I should check first that they were complete. I set up a table so that the puzzle could be left … Continue reading

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Squeeze your research dry

The other day I cut open an “empty” plastic tube of toothpaste to reveal at least a week’s worth of toothpaste hidden within. Toothpaste and other products such as hand-creams used to come in metal tubes and it was easy … Continue reading

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Not the A-Z Challenge

I had fully intended doing the A-Z Challenge again this year but realising there were several occasions during the month when internet access might be tricky I have opted instead to set my own challenge and aim to release 26 … Continue reading

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Jigsaws and Writing

As I put the final pieces into a jigsaw yesterday I was struck by the similarity between these knotty problems and those faced when writing. The jigsaw depicted a typical chocolate box scene of a thatched cottage in a garden, … Continue reading

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Thankful Villages

One of the most fascinating topics I have researched over time has been the so called Thankful Villages, communities where all those who went off to the Great War returned safely albeit mentally and/or physically scarred. I have an article … Continue reading

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Try something new

It’s always fun to try something new and thanks to the craft group I have joined new opportunities have opened up. Each month we do a different craft so sometimes we are doing things we are familiar with and at … Continue reading

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