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It pays to ask

Visiting museums and historical sites I always allow double the amount of time estimated for a visit. Often hidden in the detail on those information boards there is a spark of an idea for an article or an interesting fact … Continue reading

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“If” moments

Some people say the words “if only” are the saddest in the language. If on its own, on the other hand, can lead to opportunity and be a source of inspiration. If a neighbour had not shared a glut of … Continue reading

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Today we are surrounded by text in varying fonts wherever we go. On the street, in buildings, in printed material and online, we cannot get away from it. However, a great deal of this is reproduced by graphic processes of … Continue reading

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A-Z Blog Challenge 2013 T is for Tiles

Tiles, once found only on the floors and walls of the religious buildings or in the homes of the wealthy, became popular a couple of hundred years ago once they could be mass-produced.  Builders of housing added decorative features such … Continue reading

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Singing the Blues

“Feeling Blue” didn’t seem appropriate for the blue theme with bluebells an obvious floral choice to include. Who could feel down when faced with a woodland glade of bluebells with their delicate perfume? Cornflowers, germander speedwell, often called bird’s eye … Continue reading

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Five things to look for on pubs and inns.

The traditional pub has been with us in various guises for centuries but with more and more closing every month we may soon lose many of the colourful additions they make to our streets. 1. The Inn Sign is perhaps … Continue reading

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