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Board Games

Yesterday I was able to visit the small exhibition of board games on display at the Weston Library, part of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Since this new extension opened there have been many small exhibitions, including one to celebrate … Continue reading

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A-Z Blog Challenge 2013 R is for Re-enactments

Many of our historic buildings have guides who dress up in costume to represent a key part of the building’s history offering an insight into daily life of the time. There are also groups of people whose hobby is to … Continue reading

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Historic Gardens

Visiting historic gardens or reconstructions of the same has become almost as popular as visiting historic buildings and a number of gardens have been restored or recreated in the past twenty years. The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall and … Continue reading

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Amazing Mazes

Mazes are fun and many new ones have been created in the past couple of decades. Ever since a visit to the famous maze at Hampton Court I have enjoyed their challenge and they were the subject of my first … Continue reading

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Animal Sculptures

More and more locations seem to be adding sculptures to their environment, often reflecting some aspect of the history of the town or village. Animal sculptures are particularly popular and most farm animals are represented around the UK. The curly … Continue reading

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Domesday Twentieth century style

The Domesday Survey of 1086 instigated by Williams the Conqueror is a great resource for people studying their locality in England. Although not all areas are covered, if the settlement existed and was surveyed you get a snapshot of life … Continue reading

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