Domesday Twentieth century style

The Domesday Survey of 1086 instigated by Williams the Conqueror is a great resource for people studying their locality in England. Although not all areas are covered, if the settlement existed and was surveyed you get a snapshot of life and the wealth of the area. In 1986, nine hundred years on, a project aimed to create a modern survey using photographs and short pieces of writing often submitted via schools. This time not confined to England. It was an ambitious project and often patchy in coverage relying on volunteers to provide material. It is only recently that it has become available for study on-line at

Considering the short period of time since its creation there have been many changes especially in the types of employment in areas. Roads look almost deserted compared to modern traffic flow and much of the countryside depicted has been swallowed up in development. Having sampled known area it is clear this could be useful for research as well as proving entertaining for the residents and visitors of today.

Peaceful countryside scene

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