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When a new owner took over our village pub he started putting up daily quotes on the A-frame board. Adds a bit of interest to a daily walk and they have certainly been varied. Just a selection here.

Firstly one with an almost poetical feel.Sign 5 LeavesI found myself agreeing with this as I walked on through masses of fallen leaves being blown off the trees by a stiff breeze and listened to the sound as they skittered down the road in the gusts. So many shades and shapes and sizes and I couldn’t resist scuffing through them once or twice.Autumn leavesBut when I got home and surveyed those lying on the lawn I wasn’t quite so enamoured of the idea. Pointless to rake them up with the wind blowing so a job for another day.Leaves lawnOn other occasions the messages have been more tongue in cheek such as this one.

sign 4But a few have appeared to have been written with writers in mind. How about

Sign 6 Successor maybe this one? sign 3He’s been writing these up for several weeks now and to date I haven’t spotted a repeat. I wonder if there is a book of sayings for pub landlords?

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