A berry interesting walk

Yesterday the sun shone, the current WIP was getting bogged down in detail and refused to flow smoothly so I took the camera and went off to stretch the legs and concentrate on a different sort of detail, the autumn berries.yew berriesA nearby house has a mature yew tree in the front garden with its lovely waxy red berries much loved by the birds – I know how much – they drop the pips down my chimney. There seems a good crop this year and the ground beneath is carpeted with those that have dropped.

In places the ivy is still in flower offering a feed to a variety of insects including a late red admiral that was soaking up the heat form the sun as it feasted. Elsewhere the berries are already forming, green at first but turning black as the year progresses.ivy berriesA hedgerow offered a range of species including hawthorn and, perhaps most exotic looking of all, spindle. You can’t miss the bright pink berries with their very distinctive shape and most had already ripened and were bursting open to reveal the bright orange seed inside. Another firm favourite with the birds, the wood from the trees is very hard and dense. It was used for making spindles, hence the name, and other domestic products such as skewers and knitting needles.spindleThere were still a few blackberries around plus hips and haws which will continue to be enjoyed by the birds over the coming months.

These have been the berries in season, the colours of autumn, for generations but it was the pumpkins at the farm shop that were attracting the attentions of others. Every year the crop is laid out alongside the vegetables and plants for sale and at present there are still plenty to choose from.pumpkins

Concentrating on a different kind of detail for a while, plus the joy of walking in the sunshine, meant I returned to the writing in a fresh state of mind and, just as I had been viewing the everyday from a different viewpoint, I was ready to read through what I had written and carry on.

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