Catching Up

The lack of posts this year has had more to do with technology than with a lack of time but hopefully I now have the treadmill set to a more even pace.

Since I last posted the weather has been a major talking point with everything from extreme cold in spring to extreme heat in summer and all points in between. It has made gardening a bit of a gamble with some plants thriving whilst other favourites have faded away for good. Vegetables grown in containers seem to have been particularly vulnerable. The wildlife, too, has suffered with few butterflies until late summer when we had a flurry of activity from them. Even our swifts arrived over a week later than previous recordings but if the sound above the bedroom window was anything to go by their productivity didn’t suffer.

OrchidI have been out and about exploring new areas and gathering new ideas to write about. This beautiful orchid was one of many seen whilst visiting a former mining site in South Wales.

Parc Slip  Scene of a mining tragedy and now a place of refuge for wildlife.

Parc Slip
Scene of a mining tragedy and now a place of refuge for wildlife.

It is now a nature reserve with lots of places to walk or enjoy cycling. It is hard to image its former life when faced with such a diverse environment.Margham Abbey

I’ve visited several interesting exhibition is search of ideas. This one was of particular interest as it is a subject I have written about forĀ  a couple of titles, most recently The Great War magazine.

For the past year I have run a group for a small number of people who want to record their personal stories. Most do not want to write but have been looking for ideas of what to include in their albums and how they might pass on family stories to future generations. Meeting once a month a different starting point is chosen each time and we just chat. More of this another time but visiting the Oakham Treasures Museum just off the M5 J19 with family members I could see it would appeal to the group, too. It is full of items from shops, garages, farms, factories, etc including this sweetshop. Having recently discussed disappearing sweet varieties at a meeting I was glad to refresh my memory of still more at this exhibit.Oakham Treasures sweetshopAnother interesting visit was to the Purton Ships Graveyard. Here, from 1909 to 1965, unwanted vessels were deliberately beached along the river bank that separates the estuary from the canal. As they silted up they helped prevent the erosion of the bank and protected the land between river and canal.WrecksSo, plenty to fuel the imagination for more writing. There seem to be opportunities to learn something new all the time. Recent items to make it into print include articles in Welsh Country, The Great War and Waterways World.Waterways World 1Who would imagine that a diary from so long ago would resurface and provide the material for an article.




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