What’s New?

A new year, a new start and a new computer. So Happy New Year.

Snowdrops beneath the trees

Snowdrops beneath the trees

Shortly after the last entry on this blog computer problems began and within a couple of weeks things were clearly terminal. I battled on using a tiny tablet computer but it was not for me and so began the rounds of computer outlets, website and review sites and endless conflicting advice from more knowledgeable friends until I finally bit the bullet and did the deed. A new laptop now to master. Everything is just a little different from previous models, short cuts that had come naturally now need thinking about and the need to back up work constantly looms upmost as the final drafts of several pieces lie locked away in the now defunct machine.

On the plus side I have the chance to be more organised in saving and filing work so that I will hopefully waste less time tracking down that carefully researched fact or locating that quote that seemed so apt to open/close a planned article. I still have my writing course to complete but alongside that I have requests for two more articles on topics already researched and I intend keeping up with the letters/tips/photo contributions to magazines as these produced a steady flow of cheques, vouchers and gifts throughout last year.

I don’t “do” resolutions as such but certainly I hope to be more structured in how I organise writing time and the resulting output. Maximising available time seems a better way forward than trying to create more opportunities. And with those random thoughts I will return to the work in progress.



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  1. Hullo Ann, Happy New Year and happy new laptop. we do all hate the changeover and they seem to come around so much quicker than they once did. Curiously, I was thinking the other day that I hadn’t seen one of your lovely photos for a wee while – and here’s the reason. Hope 2018 is a good year for you, Anne Stenhouse

  2. Ann Williams says:

    Hello Anne
    Happy New Year to you, too. Hope you had a good Hogmanay.
    As you say, we all hate change and every time I see a new bit of technology I feel more at sea. However, no doubt with time it will all become routine once more. I have to say a completely empty documents file is a tempting challenge and I have already been filling it up albeit just with research at present. I have the photos already for the two articles and I find they can be helpful in structuring the article.
    I’ll be filling in with a few anecdotes from the past couple of months in the upcoming blog posts so look out for news of Jane Austen, a crime day and other random items.

  3. Bob Scotney says:

    Happy New Year, Ann.

  4. Ann Williams says:

    Happy New Year, Bob. Good to be back in touch.

    I have been enjoying your entries in the weekly stamp challenge and so on but unable to comment using the tiny gadget I was reduced to! Every time I see a new entry from you I recall a personal anecdote I really should write up for some publication. It involves my father’s stamp album and stamps from places her served in WWII. About the closest he ever got to telling us about his experiences.

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