Chocolate treats

Some of the earliest articles I had published were about entering consumer competitions. Some were advice pieces whilst others were about specific wins or types of prize. A number of these prizes have been for “a year of…” a product and have included breakfast cereals (52 packs) Bread (vouchers for 104 loaves) and tights (52 pairs). Wine proved to be a disappointing 12 bottles but it was very good wine and a recent win of chocolate is still arriving at intervals.Chocolate Blog


Sometimes prizes allow you to do something new and maybe not generally available to the general public whilst product prizes can introduce you to items new to the market as in the case of the chocolate. These are hand-made chocolate bars made without additives, supplied by bean chocolate, London.

The first delivery of four introduced their first four options of salted cinder milk chocolate, milk chocolate with bacon, 60% dark chocolate and dark chocolate with hazelnut. None of the chocolate is very sweet and it therefore blends well with the savoury options but my preference was for the dark chocolate which again is unlike any chocolate I have tried before. They have expanded the range now to include some white chocolate versions, too. My only difficulty, apart from how quickly they disappeared, was with breaking up the bars which did not have moulded divisions but I understand that may be addressed shortly. Of course, writing and chocolate go hand in hand so this was a welcome opportunity.

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