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I tend to get in a rut for reading, sometimes taking on a whole series of say crime novels for weeks on end and then maybe switching to historical fiction or biographies. Fiction usually comes from the library and their layout, putting all crime novels together for example, makes chance discoveries of potential reading matter less likely.

Variety has come from other sources of late. I have won a few new novels in magazine giveaways and I also receive occasional titles either from an online site or direct from publishers and one of these was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.Eleanor Oliphant Blog

I enjoyed this book – found it difficult to put down in fact. The details of Eleanor’s backstory were revealed at just the right moment to move the story on and leave the reader speculating as to the whole truth. Eleanor herself had such a distinctive voice yet felt herself to be a background figure in the scheme of things. Raymond, who enjoys most of the action with Eleanor, has a calm, measured approach to life, an ideal foil for the ups and downs of Eleanor’s story. As it unfolded I often felt I knew what might happen next yet time and again I was proved wrong and the ending was a complete surprise and yet at no time did I feel cheated or deceived. This was purely clever plotting. It is hard to believe this was a first novel.

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