Jane Austen exhibition

A while since I visited Oxford but recently had the opportunity so popped into the Weston Library of the Bodleian to take in the Jane Austen exhibition, Which Jane Austen. It is a real treat for lovers of her novels, full of surprising aspects of her life.Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s love of London was a feature of one display and a note taken from her letters and journals mentions being more interested in looking at the people than the exhibits in a museum. People watching was clearly her thing as comes over so perfectly in her characters.

Other exhibits show the popularity of Jane Austen’s novels with soldiers in the trenches in the Great War, her novels reminding them of home and normality. Navy lists and details of Portsmouth tours remind us she had brothers who served in the Navy. Correspondence with her publisher showed her to be a good businesswoman and so on.

Sadly I had less than an hour so was only able to take in a fraction of what is on offer and, as photography is not allowed, make a few notes of points of especial interest. On until October 29th the exhibition is free.

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