Butterfly Count

The buddleia bushes are attracting butterflies in their droves at present and a colourful array they are. I spent just fifteen minutes watching their display around the bush in my garden and spotted six different species in that time. The Meadow Brown butterflies were looking the worse for wear and had obviously been around for a while but the Red Admirals all looked really bright and fresh as did the Peacock that stayed on a single flower head for almost the whole time I was watching. A few days ago there were several Comma butterflies with their distinctive shape but today I only saw the one. Two Small Tortoiseshells and several Small White butterflies completed the count.Comma Blog

For a small garden I thought this quite a good selection especially as I recall reading some years ago that a good butterfly site was one where you could see at least eight species in around twenty minutes.Peacock blog

The Butterfly Conservation Group are doing their usual count from July 14th to August 6th this year and it is certainly a very pleasant way to spend time in the garden or on a walk in a park or other area. You can enter results online or via an app that can be downloaded. Details at



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2 Responses to Butterfly Count

  1. Hi Ann, Lovely photos – you must have immense patience. anne

  2. Ann Williams says:

    Hello Anne, thanks for commenting. The comma photo was one of a series I took a couple of weeks ago and this particular one was obviously a born model, staying put for several minutes. Whilst doing the count I was trying to take pictures to remind me of the species seen and in most cases the wings closed as I clicked to take the photo but the one here was at least showing its colours.

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