Sourcing the Yarn

Craft items requested for a Christmas Fair and stocks of small knitted items, my usual contribution, were low. Supplies of oddments of wool had diminished, too, so a trawl of the local charity shops seemed in order. A few years ago I needed some yarn for a similar situation. Whilst craft and yarn shops are thin on the ground, charity shops seem to be a boom area locally and many have donations of yarns, often incomplete balls as projects create an inevitable supply of these. On one occasion I found some variegated yarn and was delighted with the pattern revealed when a hat was created using some of it. Plenty left for further hats or mittens.Hat

My recent trawl resulted in a cone of white yarn which can be used alone or as a contrast in striped or patterned designs and some bright cherry red yarn with a glitter thread throughout which will make great seasonal offerings. Maybe a few knitted decorations if there is time once the hats and mitts are complete. Each time these requests come in I promise myself I will make things steadily throughout the year but always end up with a deadline to match.

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