White Christmas

White Christmas – no not the song from Holiday Inn constantly relayed through speakers at this time of year nor the odds for a sprinkle of snow on December 25th – this was the theme for a demonstration of Floral Christmas Decoration I attended recently in hopes of gaining some inspiration for the festive season ahead.

Flower arranging is not a skill I aspire to although I can admire the results achieved by others. I went along more in hopes of capturing the spirit of the season. The speaker was witty and undoubtedly skilful although I would have welcomed more frequent glimpses of the display from the front. It felt at times as if actors – the flowers and foliage – were performing with their backs to the audience. However with half a dozen very different arrangements on display, all executed in green and white, it was a different take on things. However, whilst many were taking notes of the foliage and flowers used I found myself looking at the structures – that wreath made out of short lengths of wood painted white or the dipped birch twigs for example giving them a ghostly effect in the arrangement. I certainly got something out of the evening even if it was not the outcome expected.Dec 1

Recently a couple of members of our craft group attended a course on making Christmas decorations using ribbon and at our last meeting they demonstrated what they had learned – the cascade method of teaching as we used to call it. Amazingly in just a couple of hours everyone produced at least one and in many cases two or three very attractive decorations and left armed with instruction sheets to enable more to be done at home. In this case bright colours were the order of the day but the decorations could be produced in white and silver to the White Christmas theme. Although we all started with the same template our choice of ribbon colour and embellishments meant that no two decorations were alike.

Writing about a huge topic such as Christmas is just too general. Writers therefore choose a theme or an angle to pursue to have something new to say. The floral demonstration and the making of decorations were not new but linking the skills to a theme gives them an original feel.

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2 Responses to White Christmas

  1. Helen Laycock says:

    How lovely to have something home-made, and to your own requirements too. I bet everyone will be impressed when you have it all on show this Christmas!

  2. Ann Williams says:

    Thank you, Helen. There is a certain satisfaction to making something rather than buying mass produced items. Ideas can come from all over. Some historic buildings now demonstrate recipes and crafts from the past and they can be fun to try or adapt, too.

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