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With Easter so early this year the shops are struggling to keep up with changing their seasonal displays from Valentine’s Day to Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day if you must) to Easter. These shots taken in Oxford Market on Monday show just some of the items being suggested as suitable gifts for the latest occasion. All very traditional with eggs and rabbits and cakes but online we are bombarded with special offers and suggestions for all these events. So don’t worry if you didn’t get that new vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day or Mothering Sunday. Maybe it will turn up for Easter for these days everything under the sun seems to be pushed as a suitable gift.


Of course every day is special for some reason. The anniversary of a birth or death, a Saint’s Day or a festival of some sort maybe or the date of a battle, a natural disaster or other memorable occasion. Then, as if all those were not enough, we now have days, weeks and even months dedicated to foodstuffs, medical conditions or anything else requiring promotion.Toys

This week for example we had International Women’s Day, it is British Pie Week and it is part of National Reading Awareness month. Just checking out some of these annual observances widens the scope for seasonal or anniversary pieces for the writer but so often we only hear them mentioned when they are upon us. Perhaps worth noting all these on a calendar as they are highlighted by promotional emails or get a mention in the media. All grist to the mill for future years.

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2 Responses to Days, weeks, months, years

  1. liz young says:

    I’m a traditionalist – birthdays, anniversaries, Mothering Sunday and Christmas. Easter calls for an Easter egg, nothing more.
    All those other ‘National Days’ do not warrant a gift, and some are merely marketing ploys.

  2. Ann Williams says:

    I’m a traditionalist, too, Liz, hence the Mothering Sunday reference.

    Although a lot of these new occasions are just marketing ploys others are to raise awareness of health issues or specific groups in society. They can be useful to writers who may wish to target stories or articles to these topics as editors may well be looking out for such material or will see the occasion as a hook for their readers but finding them in time is an issue if you don’t keep track.

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