Spring – The Promise of Things to come

Daff 1

March 1st, St David’s Day and officially the first day of spring in meteorological terms. Generally this has been a day for judging how harsh a winter we have had in our garden. Always touch and go whether there would be daffodils in bloom for St David’s Day but this year, with some species having been in bloom as early as Christmas, it has been more a case of whether they would all be over before the day. However, daffodils are a hardy bunch and they have weathered a few frosts, some very strong winds and heavy rain to offer a great show with buds promising more to come.Daff 2

Writers can take a tip from Nature with the promise of things to come. Fiction writers employ the cliff-hanger chapter ending to leave us wanting to turn the page to find out what happens next. Writers use the technique to motivate themselves to carry on their writing. Some leave a sentence half-finished when clocking off for the night, other may jot a few notes for the next day at the end of their work and non-fiction writers may keep some snippets back they know they are going to use to ensure they have a starting point next day. When the work is completed and edited and submitted some have left promise of a sequel to their story or a follow-up article on a related theme. The promise of things to come is so inviting.

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2 Responses to Spring – The Promise of Things to come

  1. How nice to look at photos of daffodils and think about ‘things to come’ as the wind and rain buffet my windows!

  2. Ann Williams says:

    Daffodils always cheer me up, Susan. They really seem able to withstand the wildest weather and this year they have faced everything you can think of yet still they stand there, facing towards the sun or where it should be.

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