Start at the very beginning

I was once told to always try to include a spot of red in a photo for interest and for years my red walking socks provided this element of our holiday photos as we explored the great outdoors. The latest jigsaw I have on the side table, ready to add a few pieces in passing each day, is based on a watercolour and the artist has including several patches of red in the form of a jacket, flags, etc. Focusing on completing those sections along with a strong line cutting right across the image has helped get the puzzle under way. It is not the way I would normally tackle a puzzle but seems to work in this instance.P1140384

I’ve been struggling with a couple of pieces I need to write – an assignment and a report for our WI – and neither seems easy to start. I cannot get the right tone for the opening of either. Now I have tried dipping my toe deeper into the water instead. I am working on one feature in each that will appear at some point in the finished item but definitely not as an opening. Again this seems to be working. At least I no longer have empty files where the drafts should be. There is something to edit and expand and hopefully bring to a satisfactory conclusion.

“Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start…” may not always ring true.

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4 Responses to Start at the very beginning

  1. Maybe including a red reference in your writing might help!

    Helen Laycock

  2. Ann Williams says:

    Good point, Helen.

  3. Nothing worse than staring at a blank page and trying to come up with an opening line! I try to solve the problem by ‘brainstorming’ and scribbling random notes to see if something sticks. Glad you’ve managed to get yours started, Ann.

  4. Ann Williams says:

    Hi Susan. Usually I find two tasks on the go at once is productive as a stall in progress on one allows a switch to something fresh. Prioritising became an issue here. My brainstorming had created a lot of possible starts – red spots as it were – but hopefully writing up each will make it easier to see the best way they link together.

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