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Visiting the Postal Museum, London

A while since I have ventured into the capital but a group of us joined a coach trip at the weekend to visit the Postal Museum ( This proved to be worth the journey and there is certainly plenty to … Continue reading

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Catching Up

The lack of posts this year has had more to do with technology than with a lack of time but hopefully I now have the treadmill set to a more even pace. Since I last posted the weather has been … Continue reading

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Alice’s Day July 4th 2015

This may be America Independence Day but for those visiting Oxford UK today the focus was on a story told to a child in the city over 150 years ago. Her name was Alice Liddell and the story has become … Continue reading

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Out of the mouths of babes…

How often even a well-planned outing takes an unexpected twist or offers an opportunity to do or see something that was not included in the itinerary. Being prepared to grab opportunities as they arise can be very rewarding, not least … Continue reading

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Tales from Travels

Delighted to pick up a copy of Cross Country by Peter Ashley in a sale recently. He writes in a very entertaining way about many of the quirky things to be found travelling around England, something I very much enjoy … Continue reading

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Sounds and Smells

Negotiating Broad Street in Oxford can be difficult at the best of times. Despite being partially pedestrianised taxis, bicycles and tourists by the coach-load can make the progress along the street slow. Given that many of the popular walking tours … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected

You never know who or what you might encounter on a stroll through the main streets of a town or city and Oxford last Saturday was no exception. With much of the area pedestrianised or restricted to buses, taxis and … Continue reading

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Point of View

Photographers often find that shooting a subject from an unusual angle can make for a more interesting image. Cliff tops and towers are amongst vantage points for height whilst stooping or lying down can offer interesting views of flowers, especially … Continue reading

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Along Marine Parade in Dover there are a number of statues including this bust of Captain Matthew Webb, the first person to swim the English Channel, swimming from Dover to Calais. We cannot all be the first person to do … Continue reading

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Both writers and artists make use of locations with which they are familiar, although often heavily disguised. However long we have known an area there is always something new to learn. Visiting Oxford recently, a place well-loved by tourists and … Continue reading

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