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Window Shopping

As a child I remember going to London just to see the windows decorated with magical scenes for Christmas. The big department stores created whole scenes that stopped people in their tracks whilst children gazed and wondered. Later, Regent Street … Continue reading

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Signs of our Past

A recent visit to Wales included a short walk round the centre of Bridgend. Although my aim was to photograph some tiling and the war memorial for work in progress I took the chance to take some shots of the … Continue reading

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Looking Up

Although for obvious reasons it is advisable to look ahead when walking around exploring an area it pays to take time to look up from time to time, and indeed, down. You never know what gems might be overlooked otherwise. … Continue reading

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Sounds and Smells

Negotiating Broad Street in Oxford can be difficult at the best of times. Despite being partially pedestrianised taxis, bicycles and tourists by the coach-load can make the progress along the street slow. Given that many of the popular walking tours … Continue reading

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I think it was Denis Norden who, when appearing in dictionary corner on Countdown, used to regale us with literalisms, signs and notices which mean something quite different to those who read them literally. One of his favourites was HEAVY … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected

You never know who or what you might encounter on a stroll through the main streets of a town or city and Oxford last Saturday was no exception. With much of the area pedestrianised or restricted to buses, taxis and … Continue reading

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Deadline Time

As you can see from this image I missed these little fellows doing their turn at midday yet again. I always seem to arrive at this spot in the centre of Oxford just a few minutes late. The figures strike … Continue reading

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Eat Local

Looking out for local foods is just as valid when travelling at home as abroad. Yorkshire calls for eating Yorkshire curd tarts and Kent and the Vale of Evesham for eating fruit in season. There are some excellent vineyards now … Continue reading

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Today we are surrounded by text in varying fonts wherever we go. On the street, in buildings, in printed material and online, we cannot get away from it. However, a great deal of this is reproduced by graphic processes of … Continue reading

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A-Z Blog Challenge 2013 T is for Tiles

Tiles, once found only on the floors and walls of the religious buildings or in the homes of the wealthy, became popular a couple of hundred years ago once they could be mass-produced. ¬†Builders of housing added decorative features such … Continue reading

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