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Preserving Memories

Enlisted the help of some younger family members to gather blackberries at the weekend. I had gathered a trayful of fallen apples and thought blackberry and apple jelly would be a great recipe to use them up. Having convinced the … Continue reading

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Chocolate treats

Some of the earliest articles I had published were about entering consumer competitions. Some were advice pieces whilst others were about specific wins or types of prize. A number of these prizes have been for “a year of…” a product … Continue reading

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Days, weeks, months, years

With Easter so early this year the shops are struggling to keep up with changing their seasonal displays from Valentine’s Day to Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day if you must) to Easter. These shots taken in Oxford Market on Monday show … Continue reading

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I’ve received a couple of windfalls in the past week. No, not a win on the lottery but windfalls in their original form, windfall fruits. A friend whose house was built in a former orchard has a glut of apples. … Continue reading

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Harvest Home

I was very young when I visited some relatives who worked as gardener and cook/housekeeper at a large country property. I have few memories of the visit but one abiding one is of the huge walk-larder with shelf upon shelf … Continue reading

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Winter Warmers

I don’t often write about food although I have done on occasion such as my piece on Quince in Smallholder. However, food is something that everyone can relate to and perhaps comfort foods for the depth of winter are some … Continue reading

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Eat Local

Looking out for local foods is just as valid when travelling at home as abroad. Yorkshire calls for eating Yorkshire curd tarts and Kent and the Vale of Evesham for eating fruit in season. There are some excellent vineyards now … Continue reading

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Spring back

A few days ago we came across a roadside verge that was a mass of dandelions – not just the odd one or two but a sea of yellow. This picture of just a small area hardly does them justice. … Continue reading

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A-Z Blog Challenge 2013 J is for Jams and Jellies

Although much of my writing starts with the photos occasionally things are reversed, taking photos to illustrate my writing instead. If I consider, when trying something new, that others may be interested in learning about the topic, too, I take … Continue reading

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