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Domesday Twentieth century style

The Domesday Survey of 1086 instigated by Williams the Conqueror is a great resource for people studying their locality in England. Although not all areas are covered, if the settlement existed and was surveyed you get a snapshot of life … Continue reading

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Wind and Water Mill open days

This year, National Mills Day is being celebrated on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May. This is an opportunity to visit some of the many wind and water mills that remain. Some are working mills and may offer flour or … Continue reading

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White wash

Just a short while ago the verges and gardens everywhere were filled with golden yellow flowers from daffodils and primroses to celandines and dandelions and many other lesser known species too. A recent trip in search of bluebells to photograph … Continue reading

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Spring gold applies to birds and butterflies, too

Spring flowers may be predominantly yellow, from primroses and cowslips to the dandelions and groundsel, the bane of the gardener’s life, but the warm sunshine also brings out the birds and butterflies and they can be golden, too. The Brimstone … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

A recent journey of less than a hundred miles took us through many places with interesting names. Taking a detour from our usual route we came to a group of villages whose names were right out of an Agatha Christie … Continue reading

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Advertising through history

Advertising today changes very rapidly. TV adverts may be on for a few weeks only before a new version appears. Paper adverts on bill boards are regularly replaced and notice boards often display a wealth of out of date material … Continue reading

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Five things to look for on pubs and inns.

The traditional pub has been with us in various guises for centuries but with more and more closing every month we may soon lose many of the colourful additions they make to our streets. 1. The Inn Sign is perhaps … Continue reading

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Five Things to look for along the Road

Milestone Centuries ago way markers were all that were required to point travellers in the right direction but the need to measure distance became important once travel had to be paid for according to the distance travelled. Made of stone … Continue reading

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Five Things to look for in Villages

Here are some suggestions for things to look out for in villages. Unlike towns they tend to evolve more slowly over time and may retain things already swept away in towns. The village lock-up. In times past those apprehended for … Continue reading

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Five Things to look for in Towns

Five things to look for in towns. When exploring somewhere new why not see how many of these items you can spot. You may want to try this in a place you know well first and may be surprised at … Continue reading

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